Class Descriptions

These are ever changing in the world of fitness, so please contact us if you have other class requests. Equipment rentals are available.

Creative Cardio

(Hi/Low impact dance aerobics) - is an energetic, upbeat aerobics class that is sure to get your body moving. A great workout for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, this class combines cardiovascular training and toning exercises, for a superior total body workout.

Body Sculpt

Great lunchtime workout- without all the sweat! Hand-weights are used to work major muscle groups in the arms, back, chest, legs, etc. and floor exercises tone problem areas such as hips, thighs, abdominals, and buttocks.

Butt n Gutt

The focus of this class is on the abdominals, buttocks and hips. A wide variety of exercises are used to target the muscles in these areas with the intent to tone and strengthen.

Extreme Abs

An incomparable abdominal workout that zeros in on the core muscles of the back and the abdomen, with the goal to tone, strengthen, and define.

Group Strength Training

A certified personal trainer will educate participants on how to safely and effectively use the fitness center equipment.

Step Aerobics

An intense aerobics class using the Step. Step aerobics burns 30 - 60 % more calories than traditional aerobics with particular emphasis on hips, thighs, abdominals, and buttocks. Power Step is a higher intensity variation of a traditional step class, using more complex choreography.

Step Interval Training

Interval training alternating body sculpt moves and aerobic exercises on the step. The ultimate body-shaping, fat-burning, and strength training class to hit the fitness center since step!


Get a kick out of getting fit, and burn up to 400 calories per hour! TaeKwonRobics/Kickboxing is aerobic exercise combined with boxing and traditional martial arts movements. Constant low-centered movements will strengthen & tone your muscles and a variety of kicks will develop killer legs, while giving your heart a great cardio workout.


A premier total body workout, this class includes 20 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning in the form of step, kickboxing, or hi/low aerobics, 20 minutes of strength training using hand held weights, and 20 minutes of lower body toning (abdominals, buttocks, hips, thighs).

Aqua/Water Aerobics

An aerobics class in the water. The buoyancy of the water means that aqua classes provide a virtually impact-free cardiovascular workout, significantly reducing stress on the joints and muscle soreness. Because water creates 12 times more resistance than air, aquatic training has great potential for muscle definition.


An aerobic class "on wheels". Participants use the stationary cycle to simulate a real world bicycle obstacle course, complete with hills, valleys, sprints, etc.

Reebok Bodywalk Programs

An educational class packed with helpful information on building a walking program, including stretch routines and lower body strengthening techniques.

Senior Aerobics

A very low impact aerobic class, designed with special consideration for the senior population and includes cardiovascular, flexibility, and strengthening segments that may be performed standing or in a seated position. Senior classes are also available in Aqua/Water Aerobics, Yoga/Stretch and Tai Chi.

Sit n Cise

Designed for the handicapped senior population, Sit-N-Cise includes stretching, flexibility, and strengthening segments which are performed in a seated position.


Pilates classes are the no stress workout that focus on the core muscles- the abdomen, back, buttocks. Pilates with the Allegro Reformer as well as the traditional mat classes are great for core conditioning work and help participants achieve better posture, lean muscles and increased flexibility.

Specialty Classes listed below

Specialty Classes require specialized certifications and training. Times and Locations are subject to availability. Specialty class rates may apply.

African Dance

A dance fitness class. Traditional African dance moves simplified for everyone to enjoy! Participants will learn movements, routines, choreography as well as getting a total body workout. This workout includes cardio endurance, resistance, flexibility, coordination and more. (Great Special Events Class! May include live drums, extra fee of $20.00).

Afro Fit

The form of fitness was created by the National Balley of Cote d'Ivoire for an intensive conditioning workout before performing. Flexibility, endurance, cardio and total body toning are all apart of this workout. Exhilarating African and Latin based music used!

Turbo Kick

The ultimate cardiovascular challenge complete with sports specific training, bouts of intense kick boxing intervals and easy to follow combinations. Kickboxing specific strength and endurance training, complete wiht a Tai Chi cool down.

Freestyle Sculpt

Bodysculpting class using traditional sculpting techniques found in both pilates and yoga. Light handweights may be used.

Ball and Bosu Balance Trainer

Inflated Ball or Dome used for core training, strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, sport specific training and much more. Great for both the upper and lower body as well as the abdominal and lower back muscles.


A dance fitness class with vibrant music that combines interval low impace training with exhilarating Latin rhythms. Learn the latest Latin steps, creating an exciting and fun aerobic workout. Zumba rhythms and moves burn away many calories and tone your entire body.

Boot Camp

The ultimate in total body conditioning, a typical class combines short drills from sports including soccer, basketball, kickboxing, skiing, etc. and basic strength and toning exercises such as push ups, dips, squats and lunges.

Cardio Funk

The recipe for this fun aerobics class is the HOTTEST dance steps around, choreographed to the latest club music available. Funk aerobics is a great cardio workout that is suitable for all fitness levels.

Salsa Aerobics

An energetic, upbeat aerobics class, based on Salsa dance steps and taught to pulsing Latin rhythms.

Hatha Fitness Yoga

The main emphasis is on blending philosophies of physical and mental conditioning through stretching and relaxation. Yoga increases flexibility, while building strength and stamina through various poses and postures. Yoga also helps improve posture, rejuvenate energy level, relieve stress, and reduce fatigue and/or chronic pain.

Tai Chi

Has proven to be one of the most powerful , yet gentle ways to rejuvenate the body and maintain and restore health. It combines smooth and circular body movement with mental relaxation and focus, reported to help lower blood pressure, increase circulation, and open joints.

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